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Chewid (“Chew It!”) is a neuro-proctective snack, that helps white collar workers to reduce their stress level, and improve the overall sense of well-being, within 2 hours, without the side effects.
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According to the Institute for Public Health, 3 in 10 Malaysians aged above 16 suffered from at least one mental health problem [1]

Our Story

Natural alternative for Mental Wellness

1. Calmness

Not an antidepressant, but it will help with calmness and serenity.

2. Alertness

Not a stimulant, but it will help with alertness and focus.

3. Safe

It will not cause drowsiness, harmful side effects and addiction potential.

4. Natural

Local cultivation and fermentation orginically, without additional unknown ingredients.


Why Chewid?

Our vision is to change Malaysians’ lives by delivering serenity that impacts mood, focus and an overall sense of well-being through dietary supplement, to complement the peer support network of Implementing Recovery through Organisational Change (ImROC).

Our mission is to improve mental wellness without the side effects via natural herb cultivation & fermentation, by combining sustainable aquaponics practices with cutting-edge IoT technology.

Embrace the power of kanna's wisdom, and with every step, bring back control of your path, ignite your inner fire, and bloom with the freedom to create your destiny.
Chewid's high-resolution cameras and IoT sensors provide us with unparalleled visibility into critical areas of our facilities, allowing us to identify safety hazards and equipment malfunctions in real-time.
Michael Boaz
The cloud-based analytics and machine learning algorithms provide us with actionable insights, enabling us to optimize our protocols and continuously improve our operational safety and efficiency.
Sara Bonham